Service Projects in Haiti

Medical Clinic

Each year as our team travels to Haiti for Summer Camp, we have been fortunate to have several medical professionals as volunteers. Their specialties have included medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, public health specialists, and medical assistants. Under the direction of ZCH President Dr. Jeffrey Bigelow, we conduct a yearly health clinic that includes physical examinations, mental health interviews, vitamin distribution, and sexual health classes. This has been invaluable to ensure that our students are healthy, happy, and able to continue their educations.

Planting Trees

For the last several summers, our volunteers get up early one morning and plant trees around Gonaives. Due to natural disasters there is a visible lack of trees in Gonaives, so we’re excited to add a little shade back into the community. When our team is out planting, often many Haitians are very excited and stop to help us. It’s amazing to come back each summer and see our trees getting big and thriving.

Deliver Food to Families

Through generous donations, each summer we are able to purchase rice, beans, and oil for each of our students’ families. These food items are staples in Haitian diets and these families look forward to this every year. Our volunteers love being able to get out into the community, and likewise our students are excited to show us their homes. This is truly a highlight during our trips to Haiti.