Summer Camp

In Haiti, when school is let out for the summer, there is little structure to keep children engaged and out of trouble. Zion’s Children of Haiti initiated a 5-week summer camp in 2011 as a way to keep children off the street, and to teach them things that they may not learn in school.

During summer camp, children come together on a daily basis, are fed two meals a day, and are taught arts, crafts, music, sports, and science. This camp takes place in July and August. Our team from the United States joins for a week during summer camp to teach the children unique and engaging lessons. This camp has been a great success, and has been praised by the students and their families as a great opportunity and something they look forward to on a yearly basis.


Our next Summer Camp will be July 28th through August 4th, 2018.

Do you want to volunteer with us at Summer Camp in Haiti this summer? Contact for more info!